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The Ocean // Phanerozoic II: Mesozoic / Cenozoic - Ultimate Bundle (Clear LP)

Bundle Includes: Limited Edition Clear Vinyl (LP) + Deluxe CD + Jurassic T-Shirt + Collision Longsleeve + Collision Zipper Hoodie + Jurassic Poster

Limited Edition Clear Coloured Vinyl In 9mm Spine Special Gatefold With Diecuts In All Panels + Printed Inner Sleeve & 2 Page Insert.

Deluxe CD Features:
- Special Import Edition
- Tri-Fold Digipak
- Die-Cut Sleeve with poster booklet 
Jurassic T-Shirt
Brand: Bella Canvas
Colour: Dark Ash Grey

Collision Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Brand: Gildan
Colour: Black

Collision Zipper Hoodie
Brand: JUST
Colour: Black

RELEASE DATE:25th September, 2020  

In the middle of the global pandemic, The Ocean are about to conclude their most engrossing endeavour to date. In 2018, they released Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic – the first half of a sprawling but superbly cohesive palaeontology concept album. On September 25th, The Ocean are poised to release the eagerly-awaited concluding parts of the Phanerozoic journey. In contrast with the compositional directness of Phanerozoic I, the new album - Phanerozoic II: Mesozoic | Cenozoic - is a vastly more progressive and perverse piece of work. A profound cautionary tale, Phanerozoic II is underpinned by some of the most imaginative and challenging music that The Ocean have made yet. 

Tracked in Iceland, Spain and Germany and produced by esteemed studio guru Jens Bogren, the album is once again blessed with the presence of Katatonia’s Jonas Renkse, whose peerless vocals find another sublime backdrop during the second half of mammoth epic Jurassic / Cretaceous. Divided into two sections - Mesozoic and Cenozoic - the album once again showcases the detail and depth that have become two of The Ocean's most enduring trademarks. Released into a world in turmoil, Phanerozoic II will provide fans of adventurous and challenging music with all the sonic and philosophical sustenance they have come to expect from this most intuitively progressive German / Swiss / Swedish musicians collective.

1. Triassic
2. Jurassic | Cretaceous
3. Palaeocene
4. Eocene
5. Oligocene
6. Miocene | Pliocene
7. Pleistocene
8. Holocene

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